Sunday, November 1, 2009

Testimonials Please!!!

To all my dear customers,

Please feel free to post testimonials of the Precious Me products that you have tried here. Or you can email it to me and i'll post it here.

Much Appreciated!

Precious Me


  1. HeLLo..
    Hye kak..
    kt salah soraG yg beli produk akak..

    kT beli Sabun LemOn De O Grass..

    Bagi kT sabun tu ok..cuma kuraG buih..
    jd jenuh gak nk sental bg bnyk buih kuar..hihih
    memG sabun tu kuraG buih ye?

    skrg sbun tu da hbis..
    kt ngah pkai sbun yg papaya tu sbg pencuci muka..yg akak bg untuk sampel..

    kT rse sabun papaya tu pn ok stakat kt pkai nie..

    da hbis nnti kT nk try minyak rambut n sabun yg lembutkan badan plak..insyaAllah.. =)

  2. hi.

    Saya ada tulis sikit pasal sabun yang saya guna tu. :)


  3. Thanks long and ilyana.

    Sabun natural memang tak berbuih banyak macam sabun biasa. Kabanyakan sabun biasa ditambah chemical seperti SLS supaya ia lebih berbuih. Tapi lebih buih ini yang menyebabkan kulit anda kering! Jangan risau kalau buih tak banyak, ia tanda yang sabun itu betul-betul sabun natural. Walaupun ia tak banyak buih, ia masih membersihkan kulit anda, jadi tak payah lah gosok banyak sangat k :)

  4. i'm using the acne battle bar for 3 weeks ago until now..
    it shows improvement on my face...
    kawan-kawan pun dah tegur cakap muka dah kurang jerawat..

    awal-awal guna rasa macam kulit tegang..
    then, die cm mengelupas pastu baru licin..
    bahagian tengah muka dah mula licin..

    it's worth!!
    xmahal and natural products..
    no chemical inside..

  5. From Fazilah Binti Ahmad (email):

    "Anyway, I can’t write a testimonial in your blog. Can I tell you in this email? Heeeee… J

    My sister –in-law have acne at her face. I asked he to try Acne Battle Bar (sample from you) and she inform her acne getting lesser. So she asked me to order one for her.

    My officemates used Lemongrass De-O Soap for her skin. They told that their skin increasingly net and less body odour though less bubbles.

    My officemate’s husband had oily skin at his face. So he used Black Coconut Detox Soap. A few days I asked her and she inform that the oily is getting lesser.

    Me?? I used Bunga Puteri Soap to clean my face. I find out my skin increasingly net, damp and tiny spot less.

    I’m happy with that."

  6. Heyya babe!!!!

    Linking you to my testimonial

    More to come with the new moisturiser *grin*

  7. From Zueraida sent by email on 17/12/2009:

    "And news! I have previewed your clay mask. Link as follows

    personally i love it."


  8. oh hello there precious! just wanna tell you that half of my soap and scrub is gone! haha.lovin the smell too much and of course it works wonders on my skin.i dont have to use any lotion,the scrub did it :) and of course i tried the healing cream on my baby s bum, and his rashes dried up in 2 days! now all gone! thanks to u!

  9. On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 11:40 AM, farah aini wrote by email:

    "Hai Salmah :)

    I have started using your product early Disember.. love it !! Wants to order more but let me write down testimonials regarding ur products first. Since I've use few products I'll write down the testimonial in email sebab panjang !!

    a) Gentle Moisturizing facial wash
    - Love the smell !! This product work wonders. Since I nie pemalas nak pakai cream2 semua this product doesn't dry out my skin. In the 1st week pakai keluar jerawat , tapi after 3 days macam tu dah hilang n kulit nampak lagi clear

    b) Pure Rose Water Toner
    - I love the rose smell :) Not like some toner yang i pernah pakai , whereby kulit rasa menegang sangat bila apply, instead when using the pure rose water toner Kulit rasa sangat fresh and healthy.

    c) Acne Battle Bar
    My fiance yang pakai and boleh nampak jerawat makin kurang and his skin become clearer n lembut.

    d) Lemon grass de-o soap / Vanilla supreme cream
    We both uses the soap , memang takde bau badan n now dah stop using deodorant. After a week boleh nampak kurang kesan hitam dekat ketiak. I'm using the Vanilla supreme cream too , love the vanilla smell . The only setback is cream macam cepat cair , but since you already have an improved version, so i dont think it will be a problem anymore... cant wait to see how it turns out !!

    e) Bunga puteri soap
    - I use it as sabun mandi , lovely flowery smell , n it keeps your body fresh :) The smell lingers even after shower.

    f) Natural Mineral Powder - Lavender
    - As my skin is quite sensitive to make up ( if tak sesuai kulit rasa gatal n naik ruam), alhamdullilah no negative reaction bila pakai :)

    Feel free to cut/paste use any of the testimonial yang you rasa suitable :) !!"

  10. On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:17 PM, Parveen Begum wrote:

    "Hi babe,

    Thought of dropping you a testimonial from the products I've tried:

    1) Chocolate Peppermint Lip Balm - My favourite of them all! It taste and smells great on my lips, just like having a smear of delicious chocolate. It moisturizers the lips well and gives a cool feeling to sooth dry and chapped lips

    Precious Me: Chocolate Peppermint Lip Balm coming soon!

    2) Natural Healing Cream - Great on dry skin. Visible improvements on my elbows and dry hands. I use it ever so often and love the smooth creamy texture.

    3) Natural Powder Anti Acne - Since I'm not into heavy make up, I use this to lightly dust my face before applying my usual light makeup and it works like a charm. Love it!!

    4) Lavendar Body Polish - Smells so good I feel like eating them. It gently exfoliates my skin and it leaves a moisturised feeling all over.

    5) Mild & Gentle Soap - I've been using it on my 1 month old baby and extremely happy with it. It seemed to have helped in clearing the red rashes on my baby's neck and body.


  11. I've been using this since November last year, and until now I keep coming back for more!!

    Gosh I really love the Tomato yogurt soap and lemongrass de-o soap. i don't even need to use any lotion after using the soap. i stop using my Origins facial cleanser and use ur soap instead and i realize, i didnt have pimples ever since! less oily as well.

    the body polish just extremely moisturizing to my skin and the smells make me feel like i wanna eat it!! my fav is chocolate body polish.

    i really hope u can come out with liquid form of the soap (body wash or shower gels) . it would be really great!

  12. Hi Salmah,

    You have been very patient in dealing with my questions and answering all my petty queries.
    I started off with a few items.

    Pink Clay Mask
    -I have started using the Pink Clay Mask since December. I have been using it since and 2 weeks in a week is something that I really look forward too. Wearing it is so easy and rinsing it of is easy as well. My skin felt really moisturized after that. My hubby compliment my skin too.

    Mild and Gentle Soap
    - As I am under doctor's medication, I top up the normal cleanser (as prescribed by doctor) with the Mild and Gentle soap. My skin felt so smooth and fairer and there is no pimples until now. In addition, I also use it on my lil 17th month old baby girl's skin - as she is quite prone to rashes, and it worked wonders.

    Lip Balm - Cocoa Butter
    - I use it everday as a night lip balm and love it so much.

    You sure bet, I am one happy customer here. Just purchase a body scrub - Blueberry Body Scrub. Will let you know how it affects me. I am planning to change my current beauty regime with Precious Me products, once it all finished.

    Wish that you can come up with a lot more stuffs - eg eye cream, shower foam and hair products.

    Wish you all the best , Salmah and pls ya...increase more of it - because I can't get enough of it.

  13. Dear Salmah,

    sorry for the delay, below is my testimony:

    I have been frustrated with the products in the market since it makes my skin really bumpy and pimply. I started using natural products from the US and it too, affect my skin badly. I stumbled upon this blog after reading some of the bloggers’ positive comments about it.

    I have been using the products since Jan 10 and I am lo9ving it. Initially there’s a lot of big pimples but my skin even out and now less bumpy. My friends started noticing it too.

    Although the acne doesn’t clear up totally I’m very optimistic since I just started and the results are already amazing. The rose water makeup remover is superb at removing my makeup making my skin felt energized and glowy, the battle bar soap is god sent! My skin is less oily and bumpy. The aloe vera moisturizer minimizes the pimples and toner makes the whole combination works.

    Please ask her for advise and try it out! The service is superbly fast too =D

  14. Ariz wrote on 22 Feb 2010 in chat column:
    "Love the fragrance free soap (Mild & Gentle). My kids love it and it really, really ease my morning sickness. I will need the sirih soap (Black Coconut Detox) for my confinement in September...Am booking early!"

  15. Lalitha wrote on 9 March 2010 in email:

    "A note of the Supreme Cream De-O- it really works, i dont have any bad odour even if i sweat and not with perfumes and my underarm area are much lighter in tone...thumbs up!!!!!"

  16. Farah Adlin wrote on 23 March 2010 in email:

    "i loved it when ppl noticed that my skin is getting better =) thank you so much!"

  17. Intan Zariena wrote on 9 April 2010 in email:
    "1. I've tried the soap nut and it work more rough area caused by my so smooth and rash scars are lighten..and most more irritation and itchy-ness... soo bagus =)
    2. The coconut oil really helps me reduce my dandruff problem... although the frizz are still there (my hair so kasar n degil ) but its more manageable than before."

  18. Jiji wrote on 22 July 2010 in email:
    "hi, i've received the parcel..tq sooo much...
    your supreme de o cream is superb!!!!"

  19. Emelia wrote on 27 July 2010 in email:

    "My testimony on your skincare product :

    I notice my face is a lot less oily & I love the pearl face moist. bcoz after a while using it, gives a natural glow to the face.

    The G.T & LemonG soap is a must in the bathroom, keep away the body odour

    The supreme cream de-o is also a must after bath time, my underarm now is more lighten and supple"