Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Think Freckles Are Super Cute!

 I've had a few inquiries from customers asking how to remove freckles... and I am always perplexed? What's so bad about freckles? Why do people think that it's a flaw, instead of just part of their natural skin tone? Why all this hatred for this god-given (or genetically endowed to be more specific) trait?

I personally have freckles, but not much and not noticeable (unless I'm in the sun a lot, which nowadays I'm not). I've always adored freckles in other people, and I honestly think they are cute, add character and make you look more youthful. In this 'whitening' craze times, I feel that the cute freckle has been demonised unfairly :( They are marketed as a skin flaw, and blemish, and sometimes even said to be unhealthy (WTH!).

I feel like I have to make a stand now, and share a better understanding of this freckling phenomenon, and hopefully change a few minds... After all, natural beauty is all about accepting your natural traits and focusing on health rather than on 'beauty as defined by media'. I always say.... if you have healthy skin, your skin will glow naturally, no matter what your skin tone is. Take a stand people... don't blindly follow media and marketing trends of beauty, accept your natural self and focus on being and staying healthy! that I've gotten that off my chest, let's learn about the facts...

What are Freckles?

Freckles are pigmented skin cells that are found most commonly on fair-skinned individuals. Freckles are genetic in nature and most common in children prior to puberty, though many adults have freckles. Freckles are small, individual tan spots that contain more melanin than other skin cells. They DO NOT indicate any sort of skin disorder or disease in a normal capacity.

People with fair skin have less melanin, or pigment, in their skin cells. This factor is almost always indicated by both fair skin and light colored hair, frequently red and sometimes blonde. Exposure to the sun can actually enhance the appearance of freckles because the body may produce more melanin in response to overexposure. Melanin acts as the skin’s protection against the sun’s rays, which causes a person’s freckles to darken.

Freckles are particularly common in children, but often the onset of puberty causes the body to begin to produce more melanin. If melanin is produced evenly throughout the skin it causes the freckles to fade. While many children with freckles will lose them with puberty, some will have this characteristic their whole lives.

The most common location on the body for freckles to form is the nose and cheeks, though many people have freckles on their shoulders, arms and other areas that are frequently exposed to the sun. In some cases, freckles are sporadic, individual spots and sometimes there are several grouped together, making them appear larger and cover a greater portion of the skin.

There are no topical skin products that can remove freckles totally. The only way is using laser treatment, by a qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.. which I do not recommend (unless it's cancerous..touch wood!)

So, if you still feel that you'd rather have less than more of your freckles, the most sensible thing to do is to reduce sun exposure to a minimum.

So to summarize:
~ Freckles are NOT a flaw, they're just part of your natural skin tone
~ Freckles DO NOT make you look ugly, so do not hate them!
~ Freckles are not bad for your skin!
~ Freckles are CUTE...and youthful looking
~ Whiter skin does not = beauty
~ Healthy Skin = Beauty
~ Be Yourself and Love the Skin you're born in!

And to make yourself feel even better, here are some pics of beautiful people with freckles. Most are famous celebrities, and if they have and flaunt their freckles, why shouldn't you?

Lucy Liu

Alexis Bledel

Lindsy Lohan
Megan Fox

America Ferrera

:) Precious Me


  1. heyy thanks for this information
    i have freckles too and i love them:)
    i cannot imagine me without them <3


  2. Check at the photo of the girl you named "Megan Fox" I'm pretty shure that's not her!!! Look's more like Jennifer Lawrence!!!

    1. That's Megan fox before she had work done on her face.

    2. It does look like Megan Fox - even before the surgery ...