Saturday, October 4, 2014

Stingless Bee Honey - Madu Kelulut

I never knew that there was such a thing as a stingless bee! Wow....

A friend gave me a bottle of honey called 'Madu Kelulut', and my first thought was....
"Kelulut? Hahaha...What a funny name!"

 I tasted the honey and subsequent reaction to the honey was...
"Eh why does it taste sour? And it's so runny, not like normal honey? Must be fake lah! Or spoiled!"

I was duly informed (and educated!), that the honey is also called Stingless bee honey, and that it's supposed to taste sour, and it's more medicinal and more expensive than normal honey. And then I thought...
"Ohhhhh... If it's supposedly better than normal honey, then maybe I can use it on my face!"

I have previously read on how honey makes such a great natural face wash, especially for dry sensitive skin like mine. However, when I tried regular honey on my face, my face will be red and itchy not long afterwards. I never knew why, but was very disappointed that it did not work for me. Which was why I somehow hoped that Madu Kelulut might be different!

So I slathered a good amount of this special honey on my face and waited for my skin to start itching, and it never did! It was very easy to apply and rinse off due to its runny consistency, and it did leave  my skin feeling hydrated. Of course, I continued to use it twice a day (these days I only do OCM once a week because I just don't have the time to do it daily!). Did get one or two pimples although nothing major, but I noticed a difference in my skin after about 2 weeks. Certain persistent dry patches around my lips (due to conventional toothpaste!) were almost totally gone and my skin felt healthy and was more radiant. Thank you Madu Kelulut for coming into my life!

Anyways, this post is supposed to be all about this honey and why it's so special, so do read on to find out.

Stingless bee honey is renowned in Africa and Asia for treating digestion problems, suppressing coughs, and boosting immunity.  It’s also cherished for its anti-oxidant and anti-biotic effects. These bees are only found in tropical climates, and they produce much less honey than the typical honey bee. Honey bees can produce up to 50 times more honey than the stingless bees, which makes the stingless bee honey rare and thus more expensive. Madu Kelulut can be found across Malaysia, usually in the more rural areas, and are used by the locals more as a medicine than a condiment because of its rarity. Stingless bee honey also contains much less sugar than regular honey, which is why it has a tangy taste. It's also supposedly not as 'heaty' as normal honey. 

In addition to the unique flavor and aroma of stingless bee honey, there are numerous studies about its medicinal value and health benefits.  Stingless bee honey and some honeys, in general, are reported to:

  • Suppress coughing
  • Treat stomach ulcers and mouth sores
  • Have anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-parasitory, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-mutagenic, and anti-tumor effects
  • Serve as a pro-biotic in the gasto-intestinal system  
  • Treat eye infections and wounds due to anti-bacterial effects
  • Be a viable table sugar replacement due to it's low glycemic index and other health benefits
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Reduce cardiovascular risk factors when used as replacement for table sugar (sucrose)
  • Enhance the immune system by increasing antigen production
So I've been using madu kelulut to wash my face twice a day now, and my face is no longer as dry as it was before. In fact, I dare say that my skin is almost 'normal' or balanced! And I think it will be much better if I could find an effective non-foaming toothpaste because I am almost certain that regular foaming toothpaste is the culprit to the persistent dry lips and dry skin around my mouth area. New mission --->find non-foaming toothpaste!

I love madu Kelulut so much that I am planning to offer it for sale as part of an all natural face care regime.... So if you want to try out this special honey for yourself, do stay tuned to future postings as I hope to be launching my new face care line very soon..... Che che Face Care Line! Actually the products are very simple and all natural face care products for those who are sick of using commercial face care... For those who want to simplify their face care regime whilst using only potent and pure ingredients on the face....for those that want healthy glowing and radiant skin the natural way! And I have priced them to be very affordable, yet still using high quality natural ingredients with NO fillers.

So do stay tuned or send me an email if you're interested!


  1. Hi! I just want to ask, did you use directly this madu to your face, or wear something else before? Any tips would you like to share please ... kinda interesting. And have you try other methods using this madu, such as scrub or etc.?

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