Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Review

I had been searching for the best natural, hand made lipbalms online (as you all know by now that I am a lip balm junkie!) when I came across the Crazy Rumors line. This brand had received 5/5 tubes on the Chaptastic blog (they have reviewed almost every lipbalm available in the world!) See the review here. The review was so fantastic that I knew I had to have this lipbalm!

So I crossed my fingers and searched for a local supplier as I did not want to have to wait so long if I ordered straight from the US website. And I'm so glad that I came across Fitrah's Blog (click here to see her blog). 

She carries most of the many delicious and mouth-watering flavors that they have, but they are moving really fast! Many are out of stock already! The price is very reasonable, at only RM14 each it's soooo worth it!!

Fitrah was kind enough to send me one of the lip balms for a review, and I choose Orange Bergamot a.k.a Earl Grey flavor. Imagine a lipbalm in the flavor of your favorite aromatic tea.....YUMMY!!!

Received my package very fast... excellent speedy service!

Lip Balm was wrapped in pretty tissue paper... just love these little touches!

 All lipbalms come sealed for safety and freshness.

I love the simple labelling, very vintage like... The first thing I did when I opened my Lipbalm was to smell it. I was curious to know how authentic the Earl Grey smell would be. And I wasn't disappointed! I could smell the distinctive sharp Earl Grey aroma, mixed with delightful bright notes of Orange Bergamot. The flavors are all natural and organic, a major plus point as most other lipbalms (natural or otherwise) contain synthetic flavoring or scents. 

Next, I tried some on my lips and it went on very smoothly and easily. It wasn't cakey or thick, as compared to other natural beeswax based lip balms. I could smell the Earl Grey scent and even taste it slightly, although it was in no way over powering. Even though it is made of plant based waxes, it lasts just as long as a beeswax based one, around 3 - 4 hours, even after having a light snack in between. And my lips felt very soft and moisturized afterwards, and some of the dry skin even came off.

All in all, this is one fantastic lip balm, worth every cent! A lipbalm of this size usually lasts for 3 months with daily application, but I don't think mine will last that long! I just keep on re-applying it just as an excuse to get a whiff! 

There are other great flavors, and if my budget permits, I will buy all of them!!! So if you want to get one or more for yourself, do hurry on and visit Fitrah's Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Store before her stock runs out!!!

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