Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet Face Mask & Scrub!

Did you know that the best ingredients for your skin may be lying around in your kitchen? You probably won't need to spend anything  and still be able to give your skin a treat! This easy peasy recipe is for those of us who have a tight budget, but still want some natural indulgence...well you deserve it babe! 

Honey & Salt Face Scrub

Just Mix about equal amounts of honey and finely ground salt and apply gently to your face. Avoid the delicate areas around your eyes and lips. Don't start scrubbing just yet! Leave the mixture on your face for about 5 minutes. The honey will hydrate your skin and the salt will help to draw out any impurities. You may notice your skin getting a bit red as blood is drawn to the surface. This means that the salt is promoting better blood circulation!

After 5 minutes, rinse off the mixture with water. Use gentle circular motions to gently scrub your face as you're washing it off. Don't use soap as you'll be washing all the sweet goodness away! Pat your face dry and apply some moisturizer. Your skin will feel refreshed and smoooooth!

Important Notes:
  • Make sure you use FINELY GROUND salt as the skin on your face is very delicate. Also scrub VERY GENTLY!
  • You should do a face scrub not more than once a week. Too much and you will hurt your skin instead!
  • Do not use salt if you have a lot of pimples or acne as the salt will burn if there are open wounds. If you have bad acne, you can use oatmeal as a gentler alternative. Just mix some oatmeal with water to make a thick paste. Apply on face and let it dry out. Once it's dried out, rinse it off with water and scrub gently as you do so.
  • If you have sensitive skin or feel that salt may be too abrasive for you, you can try sugar instead. A sugar and honey scrub is great for your lips as well to remove dry and chapped skin.
  • You can add some oils as well... like virgin coconut oil (my fav!), virgin olive oil or any other organic oils that you have. Just add about half oils to honey.
  • A Salt/ Sugar and Honey scrub can be made in advance and stored in a nice glass jar (think of the IKEA glass jars). Don't store them in the fridge. Just keep them in a cool and dry place and they will keep for a few months. It also makes a great body scrub!
  • If you have the budget, you should use a good quality honey (like Manuka) and organic salt (like Himalayan, Epsom or Natural Sea Salt). They do make a difference!

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