Saturday, April 16, 2011

Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

Did you know that you can make your own all natural and effective deodorant?

This Supreme Cream De-O recipe is simple and suuuper easy to make, and you may even have the ingredients sitting around in your kitchen cabinet right now!

Supreme Cream De-O

This natural deodorant will keep away body odor, and will moisturize the skin. It will also help to reduce darkened underarm skin that you may have gotten from using commercial, chemical and preservative filled deodorants. Plus, this natural deodorant will not stain your clothes (it may leave a whitish mark on dark clothes, but it will wash right off).

How does this natural deodorant work? It's simple really, it's just filled with natural ingredients that have the ability to deodorize and kill bacteria that cause body odor. And this very same ingredients moisturize and nourish your skin as well, so you don't have to worry about nasty synthetic chemicals getting into your system or ruining your skin.

Here's the recipe:

  • A clean and dry medium sized bowl
  • A clean and dry spoon
  • A weighing scale
  • A clean and dry jar to store your natural deodorant
  • 20g of Corn Flour
  • 6g of Baking Soda
  • 20g of Virgin Coconut Oil (vco)
  • 2g of glycerin (optional)
  • Up to 7 drops of essential oils (choose from a combination of Lime, Petitgrain, Lavender, Grapefruit and Tea Tree)
  1.  Place the corn flour and baking soda into the bowl and mix thoroughly.
  2. Add the virgin coconut oil and mix again until well combined. 
  3. Add in essential oils and mix again. You can just put one type of essential oil, any combination of the above listed essential oils, or not put in any essential oils at all. The baking soda and vco itself is enough to combat odor and bacteria.
  4. If you have glycerin, you can add it now and combine again. The glycerine just makes the paste more cream-like, but this is purely optional.
  5. Congratulations... you've just made your very own deodorant!
Now all you have to do is to place it in a jar. This blend can last for at least 6 months at room temperature without going bad, just as long as you keep it away from direct sunlight and always use clean,dry fingers to dip into the jar.

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