Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Testimonial By Mardhiah

Sent via email on 31 May 2011.

- This is a little tricky to use as its in powder form, but I love the idea. It helps to keep it clean and fresh. I had a little trouble mixing the powder with water to make a paste. I panicked at first when I was adding water to the mix, I thought I saw drops of blood in my mix so I turned to the mirror to see if I scratched myself LOL. But it's actually a natural reaction of the powders with water. It's fascinating really! Much more fun that usual cleansing foams.

At first I tried wetting my face before applying the paste, too runny. Then I tried keeping my face dry and then applying the paste. Much better. I can adjust the consistency whether to make the paste dense to apply as a mask, a little drier to use as a scrub, or 'runny' to use as a normal cleanser. GENIUS! I don't need to buy a scrub, a facial foam, a mask to do my beauty regime, it's all in one. 

I took your tip in letting the paste 'sink in' after applying while I brush my teeth. Great tip! I usually am a bit impatient at night, coz I'm tired so I usually forget brushing my teeth LOL. Now I have no excuse! I make myself brush my teeth. Way better for me, thank you!

So after rinsing, my face doesn't feel 'tight'. I have a few pimples over my face, throbbing and inflamed. After using the cleanser, my face sort of 'calms down'. It looks brighter, feels softer and is just generally much better.

2) Rejuvenate 2-in-1 Moisturizer & Toner 
This is one effective moisturizer. It's non greasy, smells natural and keeps my face clean and soft. With my old moisturizer (Simple Hydrating Light), it's so greasy that I need to wipe off the excess after applying. Not the case for this baby. Skin stays supple for hours, even in air-conditioned environment. I tried rubbing infamously oily areas on my face after a few hours of applying the moisturizer. At first it was still oily. But after a week I can safely say it's much less oily. Love!

3) Spotless 2-in-1 Moisturizer & Toner
I'm glad I have this sample with me, because though my face improved after using the range, once I start putting on makeup all hell broke lose :( I stopped using Rejuvenate and used this instead so I can get rid of my break outs. Skin breathed a sigh of relief. It's not drying (my previous zit zapper was Proactiv's Refining Treatment..Proactiv works but it is super drying) because the ingredients are much kinder to my skin, but it does work! Slowly of course, you can't expect it to go away in a few days. But as I continued to apply it, my acne went away. I'm now waiting for it to completely vanish (just a bit more to go!) before I start using Rejuvenate again. 

1) More hygienic (cleanser is in powder form and moisturizers are all in a pump bottle)
2) Multi-functional products means more savings (last time I would spend around RM200 for my full Proactiv range). Plus I don't need to tone anymore, so there's no use for cotton pads/balls.
3) Luxurious, all natural ingredients that works wonders for the skin
4) Calms my skin, soothes inflammations, keeps skin supple and fresh for hours
5) Fades acne scars. Not the heavy duty ones though, but maybe it takes a little more time to fade than fresh scars.

1) Might be a little pricier than the average drugstore brands, but have to compare them to the likes of Clinique/Estee Lauder etc. In that sense, it's actually very affordable!
2) No built in sun-screen. I think the reason is that it might clog pores. Plus I have an option whether to wear some or not. I only wear it if I'm under the sun anyway, like when I'm out for a run, so it doesn't really matter.
3) Needs a little skill in making the Flower Power paste, but it gets easier with practice.

Other than that, it's a huge plus for me. Already ordered the full sets so that shows my acceptance. Give it try girls!

Based on your advice I am now trying out mineral make-up so I can keep my clear skin and hide imperfections without worrying whether I will have to pay for it later (with fresh zits). Will review mineral make-up soon too, and yep you can post it in your blog.

Hope this helps! Keep making lovely things for our skins :)
Thanks Mardhiah!

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  1. You're welcome! Seriously in love with your products. My only hope is that you won't stop making them :)