Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Testimonial By Sam

Sent via Email on 29 June 2011:

"I've bought your trial set on the bazaar on Saturday and it has not been a week and i'm already feeling the improvements to my skin from using your product. I especially love the toner/ moisturiser. After applying it, my face feels soft and smooth and this feeling lasted me the whole day even if i'm in an air conditioned room. It's only the fourth day that i'm using your products and i've noticed that my pores are visibly smaller. Not that i'm complaining but is there a reason for this? This is because i've been trying some of the more expensive brands specifically to minimise my pores but the effect is not as immediate. So just wanted to drop an email to say that i'm really happy with the purchase."

Precious Me's Reply:
Your pores are visibly smaller mainly due to the daily gentle exfoliation process by the "Flower Power" face cleanser.The ingredients in it naturally deep cleanses your pores, drawing out any impurities and dirt, and the exfoliation process gently lifts them away. This is also why your skin will have a more refined and smooth texture. On top of that, the witch hazel in the moisturizer naturally tones your skin, helping to tighten the pores a bit (it's a natural astringent), and the aloe vera and natural oils nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

So it's really the 3 step daily process of (1) exfoliation & deep cleansing, (2) toning, and (3) moisturizing that is helping you get smaller pores. You're probably seeing a faster effect because your skin is responding well to the natural ingredients, and probably because it's much happier and thus more balanced.

Thanks Sam!

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