Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mineral Make-Up Review

 "I can tell you honestly that I don't have nice skin. It's not my fault, my mum doesn't have good skin either. So aside from using facial products to help improve my skin condition, I also need to wear make-up to look presentable. I don't really wear it for ME, I wear it so people don't feel disturbed by my skin. I've used many drugstore brands before (I frequent Loreal, Maybelline, ZA, Revlon, Secret..the works). I found that though they did cover my flaws up pretty well, it made my skin WORSE! The powdered versions itch my skin, the creamy ones clog them. I simply was 'allergic' to make-up. Until I tried mineral make-up.

Mineral make-up really does let my skin 'breathe'. It feels so comfortable that sometimes I FORGOT I was wearing make-up! No more random scratching and breaking out at the end of every week. I can look presentable and keep my skin healthy at the same time.

The products that seem to work for me (purchased from Loving Minerals) are:

I only need to use a tiny amount to make my skin decent looking. It requires some practice (blend, blend, blend) and it gets messy (gets all over my clothes sometimes, have to be extra careful) but I am not using any other make-up brand after this. Its the only type of make-up that really works for me. A good quality brush is necessary to make sure the make-up gets on well as its in powder form. It lasts REALLY long too, because at the end of the day when its time to remove my make-up, there's still PLENTY of it on my skin! I highly recommend removing it using olive oil, it makes my skin extra dewy.

I highly recommend mineral make-up for people who suffer from acne like me and get their pores clogged up pretty badly if they are not careful. I'm using Back2Basics skincare range complimented by mineral make-up and I've never been more happier skin-wise."

Thanks Mardhiah for the informative review! Mineral Make Up is worth a try for those who prefer all natural products, or have troubled skin, so do check out the links above for more information!

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