Sunday, September 4, 2011

Testimonial By Beverly

Sent via email on 3 Sept 2011:

"Just a short review about the B2B as below:

I am so glad to have bought the Back to Basics Skin Care Trial Set! ^_^ Thanks to the write-up in the The Nut Graph!

At first, I was a bit hesitant and skeptical but I decided to give B2B a go since it has the Trial Set which is at a promo price of RM 40.00 inclusive of shipping. Previously, I had problems in finding the right facial set/brand for my combination/sensitive/acne prone (if not taken care of properly). It was either the brands moisturizer felt too hot/heaty on my face, the cleanser too drying causing dry patches on cheeks or the toner smelt too medicinal.

I received my order on 22 August and immediately used the facial cleanser that night.

It took some practice to get the powder to onto my palm. I found a plastic teaspoon and used the back of the handle to scoop the powder out. I dropped a few drops of water and mixed it to a paste. I scrubbed my face with it and let it set in while I brushed my teeth. I thought the facial powder would not thoroughly cleanse my facial skin but I was wrong! I pat my skin dry and found out my skin feeling not too tight and grease-free. After the cleanser, I put on the toner-moisturizer. I LOVE this product. 

I was recommended "Rejuvenate Me" for my skin type. It smells SO NICE! Apart from the fact that this is a 2-in-1 Toner & Moisturizer, just a few pumps go a long way. I love the fact that the ingredients of both cleanser and toner-moisturizer are natural ingredients that doesn't contain alcohol or SLS or synthetic stuffs. It was just yesterday after my cleanser-toner ritual, I put on my Silky Girl Compact Powder for a wedding reception that I realize I didn't need a concealer to cover-up the red spots at the bridge of my nose and that even after 4 hours my face still looked fresh!"

Thanks Beverly! 

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