Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Testimonial By Verona

Sent via email on 11 Dec 2011:

Chill Pill
Bought this from you some time back. Have been using it on occasion when i need some aromatherapy.. hehe... Has a very calming fragance that is great in reducing stress, and was a life saver during exam periods when i used it everyday. It is way better than any other perfumes i've tried as i can't stand the alcohol smell in commercial perfumes as the alcohol tends to irritate my nose. Not sure about how long a bottle will last though as the bottle is covered so i'm not sure how much is left, maybe you could leave a small opening on the wrapping so users would be able to track usage? Other then that tiny complain, still the best perfume i've got =).. Oh and i sometimes put it on my pillow before i sleep at night too... hehe

Silk and Pearl Powder
Got this from the bazaar from you sometime back. Am not really a fan of powder usually as i don't even use any foundation or cover powder, hehe.. Have been using this on occasion as a night powder for treatment of my eczema. Would put it on after treatment cream and i've noticed that it actually speeds up the recovery process. I've also noticed that somehow it moisturises the skin, never found a powder that could do that. It lasts pretty long too, at least for me as i use it very sparingly.

Aloe vera and Silk Conditioning Mist
The sample you gave me was sooo great that i just purchased another bottle! lol... It really make my skin super smooth ad works great with Nourish Me 2-in-1 Moisturizer & Toner. Was curious and a bit restless to try out the new bottle so otw home i sprayed a bit of the bottle i just bought from you on my hand. I've noticed that that the skin became extra smooth as compared to my other hand.. hahaha... Even my boyfriend said it was smoother.. lol..

Thanks Verona! Will improve on the eau de parfums packaging for the next batch.

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