Saturday, March 19, 2011

Natural Tooth Powder Recipe

I hate toothpaste! Over these past few years, the skin around my mouth and jaw line have been really dry (sometimes even flaky), and nothing I've tried (oil, creams, honey, etc) seems to be curing it. I concluded that it had to be the toothpaste, so I tried non-flouride, SLS-free types and the dryness did reduce a little but it did not totally go away. Which is why I decided to try out natural, home-made tooth powder recipes I sourced from the net.

Most of the recipes will call for baking soda and salt, which I have tried but found too abrasive for everyday use. But I came across one recipe that used clay powders, and claimed that it would be much less abrasive than baking soda and salt. So happily I tried it out... and I love it!!! My mouth felt totally clean and fresh after brushing, I did not get that white slimy things in my mouth in the morning, and the skin around my mouth area is improving day by day. After using it for a week, the dry skin around my mouth area is almost back to normal....Yay!

Tooth powders are totally different from toothpaste, and it's not as convenient to use. It may not be suitable for everyone, but I strongly recommend it for those who have problems with commercial toothpaste.

Making your own toothpaste/ powder gives you the highest level of control over what ingredients go into your toothpaste/ powder, so that you can choose natural based ingredients to keep eco- and health-unfriendly chemicals out of the environment and your body. And, by making your own, you cut down on the packaging waste associated with store-bought varieties.

Below is a list of ingredients that can be used to make your own tooth powder, but you should decide which ingredients work best for you.

Natural Ingredients for Making Home Made Tooth Powder:
Himalayan Salt
  • Baking Soda - Cleans, whitens, deodorizes and is an abrasive.
  • Natural Sea or Himalayan Salt (fine) - Abrasive
  • White Kaolin Clay (fine) - Abrasive
  • Clove Powder - Natural toothache and tooth decay cure, good for gums and gets rid of bacteria
  • Activated Charcoal Powder (fine) - whitens teeth
  • Essential Oils (Peppermint, Sweet Orange or Tea Tree) - for taste, freshens breath, antiseptic properties
  • Stevia powder - natural sweetener, does not cause tooth decay
  • There are many more... just google to find out!
Basic Recipe:

1. The main ingredients should be either Baking Soda or Kaolin Clay, or a combination of both. This should form about 80% of your final tooth powder. I prefer more Kaolin Clay and less baking soda, but you should experiment and use the proportion that you're most comfortable with.

2. Add a bit of salt, a bit of charcoal powder, a bit of stevia or a bit of clove powder. Just make sure that all the ingredients in your tooth powder are finely ground so as not to be over-abrasive on your teeth and gums. Again, experiment on what ingredient (and its proportion) suits you best.

3. Add a few drops of any combination of the essential oils listed above. Do not add too much! About 5 drops per 15g of tooth powder is sufficient. If your making it for young children, then keep essential oils to a minimum, around 1 drop (or less) per 15g of tooth powder is safe. Essential oils are optional, so you can do without them.

4. Combine all ingredients together and store in a clean, air tight jar.

Just pour some powder onto your dry palm and dip your wet toothbrush onto the powder and brush your teeth like normal. You can dip the toothbrush a few times if you need more tooth powder. Gargle and rinse and you're done!


  1. Wonderful information

  2. Thanks for the information, where do you buy all the ingredients to make it. thanks in advance..

  3. Most of the ingredients can be bought from the supermarket. The most basic items are baking soda and a bit of natural salt, easily available from the supermarket, ans so I suggest you start of with these ingredients.

  4. I add neem and clove, and sometimes powdered hibiscus flowers for astrigent properties and a beautiful color!

  5. Love the info. Just a suggestion to correct your spelling:
    "If your making it for young children, then keep essential oils to a minimum..."
    It should read: If you're making...


  6. Hey,
    Could you say what amounts of the above you personally use in your tooth powder for reference?
    I love the idea and I'm currently stocking ingredients to try it alongside my Vinegar water mouthwash.

  7. Can bentonite clay be used in place of the kaoline clay??

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