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Nontoxic skin care is good for your body and good for your health. Eliminate your exposure to hazardous chemicals with safe, effective, all natural skin care.

Avoiding all synthetic chemicals in the 21st century is not practical. For the most part, you have no control over the toxic environment you live in. But you do have control over what you put on your skin.

According to the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG):

"89% of 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products have not been evaluated for safety".

Some ingredients are associated with serious health risks. When you choose natural, non toxic skin care, you avoid such risks.

Whats in Your Beauty Cupboard?

An EWG survey found that:

•25% of women use 15 personal care products a day.

•The average adult uses 9 products a day, with 126 unique chemicals.

•One of every 13 women are exposed to identified or likely human carcinogens every day through their personal care products.

To name a few...

•Shampoo/conditioner/hair gel
•Moisturizers ...face, body, hand cream
•Make-up ... foundation, blush, bronzer, eye-shadow, mascara, lipstick, and concealer

Consider that most products include an extensive list of ingredients. That adds up to a lot of chemical exposure in a day!

Replace conventional products with natural, non toxic beauty care and personal care. You'll immediately reduce exposure to a multitude of suspicious chemicals.

Long Term Hazard

Few personal care ingredients create an immediate, extreme health risk. The nagging problem lies in the daily, long-term contact with multiple, potentially harmful ingredients.

Toxins Sink In

What is your body absorbing? Plenty! Think of the nicotine and estrogen patches. These are very effective at penetrating the skin, to the bloodstream below. Chemicals in skin care products possess the same ability.

What I find particularly alarming is that manufacturers routinely add "penetration enhancers" to skin care products. This greatly increases the rate of absorption of the other ingredients. This provides an avenue for toxic chemicals to enter "faster and deeper into the skin to the blood vessels below" (EWG).


Preliminary research identifies several chemicals as potentially harmful. One study, for example, raises the question of a possible link between parabens and cancer. Phthalates, often found in moisturizers, fragrance, and nail polish, are also suspect. They have been shown to be toxic to the reproductive and developmental systems of lab animals. Parabens and pthalates are but two examples... the list goes on and on.

More research is needed. In the meantime, the European Union has banned 450 chemicals for use in skin care products that are sold in Europe. These are considered either unsafe or their safety is questionable. Yet the United States allows many of these same ingredients.

This information is intended to inform rather than frighten you. But since the government, and most manufacturers, have little interest in protecting your health, it's up to you to take charge.

The debate and the research will likely continue for years. Meanwhile ...

Little Bodies

Children's developing bodies make them particularly vulnerable to toxins. A daily dose of questionable chemicals can't be good. It's especially important to use safe, non toxic skin care products for the most vulnerable.

I would rather err on the side of caution. Membership in this experimental test group is unappealing to my health. Potentially harming my body while caring for my skin makes no sense.

Eliminate the risk. For safety and peace of mind, choose nontoxic skin care. The best non toxic skin care is an all natural skin care product :)

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