Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yay...another Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Review! And this time it's for the FRENCH VANILLA flavor from the PERK (coffee) range.
Ok i took this pic from the Crazy Rumors website, my camera isn't working right now:(
I had high expectations for this one since I loved the Orange Bergamot flavored one I had earlier. Been using that on a regular basis, and I'm down to half a stick already. Thank you to kind Fitrah for offering to send me another flavor from her just arrived pre-order batch. I chose French Vanilla since it was a favorite of many, and was curious to see (or smell) a coffee flavored lip balm as I have never come across any. 

I can't say that I am a coffee lover, as I drink both tea and coffee on a regular basis. But whenever I have some extra cash to spare, I do indulge myself with a cup of flavored gourmet coffee. No not mocha (i don't think mocha really counts as a gourmet flavored coffee)... but you know the more yummy sounding flavors like French Vanilla, or Hazelnut, or Almond, or Caramel.... 

Well, the lip balm did not disappoint... it really does smell like a gourmet coffee... but to me it smelled more like Hazelnut rather than French Vanilla... but still delicious none the less! Just smelling this lip balm makes me hungry... pictures of chocolate (must be because of the Vanilla) seem to flash by somewhere in my sub-consciousness...

So if you're a coffee addict, then you seriously have to try this all natural, vegan lip balm! Not to mention that this is a great textured lipbalm (not too thick or too thin), and it will last for hours per application. And of course it moisturizes the lips... And if you don't fancy coffee, there's many other flavors to choose from. It's just RM15 a stick... a steal I tell you!

Go to Fitrah's blog to place your order. Ready stock now available!

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