Sunday, November 27, 2011

Testimonial By Beverly - Bentonite Clay

Sent via email on 26 Nov 2011:

"I used the Bentonite Clay last weekend after two days in a row having heavy make-up on my face.
Previously, I always had a problem after cleansing my face from make-up, bumps will appear especially on
my forehead. I guess its probably my pores were blocked with left over make-up residue.
However, after the weekends dinner function, I decided to leave the clay as mask on my face overnight.
The next morning after washing the clay mask off, surprisingly smooth forehead! It felt as if the clay "deep-cleanse" my pores!
I used it again after Sunday's dinner, same result! This is truly a facial skin "treatment"! YAY! \(^_^)/  "

Thanks Beverly!

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