Friday, November 25, 2011

Testimonial By Parveen

Sent via email on 24 Nov 2011:

1. Aloe & Silk (with Pearl) Conditioning Mist
I started using this "miracle" mist a few days ago every night after my cleansing routine and i've already noticed visible softness and a clearer complexion. Easy to use, and refreshing, this is a must have to perk and freshen the face, transforming it from dull and lifeless to renewed and supple. It works great on hair too, especially on dry split ends. I use it before blow drying my tresses to prevent direct heat damage from constant blow drying. Great product!!
This easy to use and "yummy" smelling bodyscrub has got to be my favourite! Used once a week, I simply add fresh milk and a few drops of virgin coconut oil before mixing it to apply on my body. It smells heavenly and works well too! the dry cocount flakes and poppy seed is gentle to my skin yet it does the "scrubbing" work pretty nicely. I heard it works great when mixed with fresh yogurt too, so that's definitely on my list the next time I use this. Thumbs up for scent and purpose! Love this.
This mask is simple and stays true to it's function. Mositurises and firms skin. Just a dash of the powdered clay mix with water and leave it on for 10 minutes; that's all it takes. I use this twice a week and have noticed visibly shrunken pores and less oily T-zone. I can feel the skin tighten once applied, however it doesnt "break" like other clay masks I've used, thus this is not a messy affair and is a plus point, especially for those who leave the mask on throughout the night. Highly recommended :)
Thanks Parveen!

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