Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Precious Me Cares is BACK!

Gosh how time flies...... it has been 2 years since my last posting here and I must say that although I have neglected you, my beautiful blog, I have never stopped thinking about you! And thank goodness your're still around, albeit a little dusty... but fret not for I will clean you up, freshen you a bit and inject a whole lot of brightness into you from now on!

Looking back at my old postings, comments and testimonials, I realize that this blog is nothing without its readers and contributors, so I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank those who have followed, those that are currently following and those who will follow in the future....THANK YOU!

Okay, now that I have addressed the past, let me address and set the purpose of the fresh new beginning of this humble blog of mine...


To put it simply, this blog is about my personal journey towards an ALL NATURAL LIFESTYLE.

This would mean using as much natural based products ( whether it be store bought or made by myself) in whatever aspect of my life. Aspects such as skin care, hair care, beauty, baby care, personal care, food, etc.

I'm not saying that I aim to be a complete 'naturalist', no no no..... I'm a bit too comfortable with the urban lifestyle and all it's guilty pleasures! I'm just trying to apply this 'All Natural' concept as much as I can without compromising the comfort of myself and others in the family. I'm taking small tiny baby steps...

Why All Natural? Because I have become aware of how toxic most of the synthetic ingredients found in the products we use and eat daily are. You don't need to be smart to find out exactly what is found in a bottle of moisturizer, or in your processed food, you just need to Google it and all the information you seek will magically appear in front of your eyes. Which was what I did and once you know, it becomes difficult to slather anything on your skin, or your baby's skin, knowing the harmful side effects involved.

I won't be going into too much detail here, but I will surely discuss it as we go along the journey...

In this blog I plan to share information such as:

-tips on all natural beauty and health
-DIY recipes and skincare
-product reviews
-all natural beauty consultation
-skin care product dissection - in depth look at the ingredients that goes onto our products
And more...

Oh I also left my past blog posts for reference and a bit of nostalgia... A lot of effort had gone into them so it's nice to be able to look back. Plus there is a lot of useful info as well in terms of tips and natural skin care recipes so feel free to browse through if you want.

So if you want to ask me anything with regards to going all natural, please email me at preciousmecares@gmail.com. I am open to review any all natural products as well, so do contact me for any requests.

Thanks for reading!


  1. welcome back! can't wait for your sharing, tips etc. my wishes on the new beginning and good luck!