Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Understanding All Natural Skincare

If you are new to all natural skin care, I hope the short list I have compiled below will help give you a clearer picture of what it's all about...

The basic understanding one should have when using all natural skincare

1. It's not all about convenience.

Using natural skincare products does require a little more effort and time, and more often may involve totally different routines that we may have been used to when using commercial skin care. 
It may take a little longer, and it can sometimes be a little messier, but the results and benefits you get from using all natural products is so worth it!
Wouldn't you agree with me when I say having healthy glowing skin are worth the effort and time?

2. It's not about instant results!

Real healing takes time! First of all, your skin needs to adjust to the natural ingredients. This process may take a few days or weeks depending on your skin condition. Once your skin is comfortable with the new routine and ingredients, then the healing can take place. And this may take another few more days or weeks, depending on the extent of the damage and your body's natural rate of healing. Having said that, most people do feel some form of improvement when they start on a natural skin care regime.
For example, there are a lot of creams that claim to be hydrating and moisturizing. And when you apply them, your skin does feel more hydrated and moisturized. However, no matter how long you have been faithfully using that product, you start to notice that when you are not using the cream, your skin is just as dry and dehydrated as ever. This means that the cream has only managed to give temporary relief to your skin ailment, instead of actually healing or curing it.
I have sensitive, dehydrated skin, and I am speaking from experience. When I switched to using only all natural products on my face ( cleansing, toning, moisturizing, make up, etc), only then did I notice an improvement in my skin condition even when it is bare. 

3. Be realistic in what you want to achieve.

There is nothing on this earth that can turn back the hands of time, and give you baby soft and supple skin. Focus not on obtaining perfect, youthful skin ( as much as those glossy magazine ads want you too! I just hate how they advertise an anti aging time reversal miracle cream and put a face that is obviously that of a very young woman! I mean really... Do they expect us to believe that the skin of a forty year old can miraculously transform to that of a 16 year old by just using a cream?! They must think we are all idiots right? But the sad reality is that most of us fall for this and end up purchasing the advertised product....sheesh I have digressed too much but I think you get my point right?). Let me start again:
Focus not on obtaining perfect, youthful skin, but focus instead on obtaining healthy skin.
And this is worth it because healthy skin glows and is radiant no matter your age, or the amount of wrinkles you have. Personally, I'd rather have a few wrinkles than look like I have plastic looking 'perfect' skin. At least I will still look human.

4. In order to get the maximum benefits from natures little wonders, the highest quality ingredients should be used, especially for facial care. This is why most top quality natural products don't come cheap!

It is so so much cheaper to produce synthetic ingredients in the lab or factory, than it is to produce an all natural and pure ingredient. For one, it takes much time and effort to GROW, HARVEST / COLLECT and EXTRACT the usable components that become the natural ingredients that go into an all natural skin care product. 
Then there is the issue of limited supply, since there is a limit to how much a natural substance can be grown or harvested. There is also the issue of shelf life, since natural ingredients all have much shorter shelf life as opposed to a synthetically produced ingredient. 
And not all natural ingredients are created equal. Even pure natural ingredients come in a variety of quality, of course the higher the quality the more expensive it is. And yes, there will be a difference in effectiveness and outcome from using an ingredient that is of low quality or high quality. If you want real results, always go for the best quality you can afford.
All of these factors result in more costs, which adds up to the more expensive price tag. But as all of us know, we get EXACTLY what we pay for, which brings us to the next point...

5. You get way more value for every hard earned dollar you spend when you purchase all natural products.

It's very simple to understand really, and all you need to do is to READ THE INGREDIENTS LIST! Almost all commercialized skin care will contain much more fillers than the actual ingredients they advertise to contain. Fillers are basically stuff they add in for volume, which in most cases is driven by the need to keep costs as low as possible. For example, a product may be called 'Argan Oil Face Moisturizer', when in actual fact it contains mainly water and a blend of cheaper oils, with just a tiny little bit of Argan oil. And you wonder why it's so much cheaper?!
On the other hand, an all natural and pure product does not need to contain fillers because keeping the product cheap is not a priority. Being effective and all natural is. So more often than not, such products will only contain potent ingredients that have real healing benefit to skin, and that is precisely what you are paying for.

6. You CAN use too much of a good thing!

Again I'm speaking from experience here... And yes I suffered the consequences! So just trust me when I say "A little goes a long way!"
You will only need one or two drops of oil to effectively moisturize and heal your skin for each application. You might not see much sudsing going on to effectively deep cleanse your skin.
Always keep that in mind when using all natural products since you are utilizing naturally potent and pure ingredients, and your skin will thank you for it.

7. If you experience adverse reactions from using an all natural product, stop using it immediately.

You may be allergic to a certain natural ingredient, and it may be worth it to ascertain the exact culprit so you can avoid it in the future, while still enjoying the immense benefits of other all natural ingredients. 
All natural products are not a miracle solution. But it may be the best solution available to obtain healthy, glowing skin. Every individual has different needs and skin types, and there will be some hits and misses.
Understand that transitioning and using all natural skin care is more a journey of learning than just obtaining the results you want. And everyone's journey is different, so take your time and adjust at your own pace.
As to anything you want to achieve in life, understanding and learning about what your skin really needs is more important than just focusing on the end result. This way, you will surely find the best solutions to address your skin needs, which will ultimately get you the results you desire.

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