Friday, March 25, 2011

Testimonial by Azlina G.

Testimonial by Azlina G. sent by email on 24 March 2011.

Dear Precious Me,

I have been a FAN since you started introducing my skin and I to the wonderful world of PURENESS! I have ALL your products from Precious Me and HUGELY grateful that you had custom made my facial cleanser for my grumpy acne skin. And imagine 'our' dismay when you decided to take a break! I was thinking,'Here we go again, back to square one...frump!'.

Then you came back with Back To Basics(B2B) by Precious Me and we were too excited to hesitate coz my skin was under depression...OUTBREAK! My problematic areas are along the temple and jaw line and enlarged pores on my nose. Huge angry adult acnes and sometimes fickle pimples would pop up especially since last using Precious Me Anti Acne Facial Wash by end Dec '10.

I started using B2B Flower Power and Spot Less on 26th Feb '11 and at that time my face was infested with inflamed acnes that made me look like I had boils on my temple and jaw lines. PAIN! Knowing that Precious Me worked wonders for us before I decided to supply visual proof to eliminate any doubts. 

Flower Power was a bit harder to estimate at 1st coz it's in powder form. I didn't know how much to pour on my palm and the amount of water to make it to the perfect paste.Perfected it after 3rd use!  I enjoyed mixing it every time though, coz your powder turns purple due to the hibiscus!  The oats' texture is perfect as a scrub as it is absolutely friendly to my grumpy skin. Immediately after use, my face felt so light and clean. But not like too squeaky clean that it makes your face feel tight and harsh. As a mask, my face really felt like 'drinking' in all the right ingredients and also helped to shrink my pores. Really POWER!

I was recommended Spot Less by Precious Me and it was a perfect match for my grumpy skin. At 1st, Spot Less was stingy as I had broken acnes and pimples. Amazingly it was only that 1 time that I experienced the sting! Even though you will feel the sting, there is no further redness and heat on the skin as Spot Less cooled my skin down and actually made it numb! There was no more pain like how it hurts when you have a huge acne.

After 1 month use-no itching, no redness, cooling, subsided the size of the acne and pores and feels clean and supple. I do notice that no matter what product you use, sufficient sleep and H2O helps to hasten the process and maintain that healthy perfect skin. B2B is the next PERFECT solution to drinking H2O! 

Thank you Precious Me!

Faithfully yours,

My skin and I.

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